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ELFTHC is brought to you by the ever-popular ELFBAR. Because of their booming superiority and popularity within the nicotine realm, they bring the same status to the THC world.

Try the ELF THC vape pens for perfect hits every time!

Try out their line of deliciously potent gummies while you’re at it!

With a booming nicotine line of vape pens, ELF decided they needed to spread their quality products to the THC world. ELF THC brings the exact same high quality and top performing products in forms of vape pens and deliciously flavored gummies.

Innovative and always striving for perfection, the ELF team never stops developing, inventing, or moving forward. This keeps them at the top of the game with any of their products. ​


Vaping is one of the more common ways to use THC, especially if one doesn’t have patience for an edible to kick in. ELF THC has many unique blends of cannabinoids for whatever type of euphoric experience you’re looking for.

There are many different strains, flavors, and benefits to choose from. Notice they all are Hybrid strains with a different dominant strain – this is perfect because you’ll get the smoothness of a Hybrid, but the benefits and experience of the individual Indica and Sativa strains.


As always, dosage is a personal thing. You should always test a new product out at the lowest dose stated on the package. That being said, with vaping, you can always count on starting with one hit, waiting about 10 minutes and taking stock of how you’re feeling and move up from there.


Let’s face it, the best way to get to your THC experience is through an edible. This does require patience and maybe even a little planning, but the tasty payoff is worth it. ELF THC creates some of the best gummy flavors we’ve seen without the after taste that most gummies create.

ELF gummies are created with a Hybrid blend, meaning the experience is balanced and well-rounded.


Again – dosage is unique to every person. TEST OUT EVERY NEW PRODUCT TO FIND YOUR PROPER DOSE!

With gummies, it’s a little different than vaping and is always different based on the types of cannabinoids in them. The best rule of thumb is to start out with 10mg (or usually 1/2 of a gummy), wait about 45 minutes, and increase your dose as needed.